A small world in the slums of Sriniwaspuri where the organization strives to bring light.

To ensure that the quality of education remains high...

  • General OPD
  • Gynae OPD
  • Eye OPD
  • Skin OPD

There are presently 12 girls undergoing training at the center.

A Day at Savera

  • Morning Prayer
  • Study Time
  • Recreation Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Health Centre

A Day at Savera

Morning Prayer: Children are God’s special creations, one is suppose to nurture them and make them capable young individuals, and these kids are special kids chosen to make their life better, hence a little time in the morning is dedicated to remembering God and thanking him for his givings.

Study Time: A time of the day the Kids look forward to as they are truly intrigued by the way the whole educational  procedure happens and they are able to channelize their energy to a positive direction.

Recreation Time: Apart from educating the kids we have a playroom and library that adds to the educational enrichment of our children.

Lunch Time: Children are provided with a full fledged meal at the centre along with milk and cookies for snack time as a full stomach is very important to keep the brain functioning.

Health Centre: An everyday facility that enables the children to come with all their problems taking into consideration the type of conditions they have to live in, certain days are also provided for special check ups not only for the children but the families as well.

A newly renovated Savera Centre to give a more vibrant feel and promote interactive learning .....

Coming Soon...

Contact Address

Basti Vikas Kendra
G-Block, Sriniwaspuri
011-65723574 / 65163574
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