A small world in the slums of Sriniwaspuri where the organization strives to bring light.

To ensure that the quality of education remains high...

  • General OPD
  • Gynae OPD
  • Eye OPD
  • Skin OPD

There are presently 12 girls undergoing training at the center.

A Day at Savera

  • Morning Prayer
  • Study Time
  • Recreation Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Health Centre

About Savera Association

A number of children in India are born into families living in critical social conditions and due to lack of education, people end up having more children than they can afford, which in turn, makes these little children who’s true potential is exploited because of their destiny, have to go out and live on the streets. We here at Savera want to give an opportunity to these underprivileged tots and give them a brighter future for themselves and their family.

Located in the heart of Delhi, Savera Association, Sriniwaspuri, provides a variety of services, which not only to these account for the children getting full education but also provide them with necessary health treatments, which include free of cost services for the family as well. Our main aim is to provide our children with all the facilities they have been deprived of enable them to understand their potential and to make it in life as real individuals rather than wasting away their life in things that don’t match up to their true potential.

With a set goal of providing our children with the necessary facilities, the Executive Committee and the staff in Savera Association have made it their aim to make extraordinary changes and bring out the potential challenge of these underprivileged children. We have a variety of services we have to offer from Eye OPD to Skin OPD to Health Camps and many more to groom the kids and to make them fully capable individuals for a better and brighter future.

A newly renovated Savera Centre to give a more vibrant feel and promote interactive learning .....

Coming Soon...

Contact Address

Basti Vikas Kendra
G-Block, Sriniwaspuri
011-65723574 / 65163574
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